I’m back!!! The past three months have been a bit crazy. I studied abroad in Argentina, visited Panama City and worked on a project for the Ecuadorian government. I also came back to the blog to find that I have a strong Reddit population that keeps my blog blowing up when I’m gone. Blessings! Thanks guys, love you too!!

I’ll be sure to post all my amazing pictures in upcoming posts, with articles coming back this weekend. To start us off, say hello to the gorgeous Buenos Aires!

Where to Stay

If you haven’t been to Buenos Aires before, it’s important to know that this is not a quaint town/city. It’s a big city and has a big city feel wherever you go. Additionally, Buenos Aires spans a a large geographical area, meaning everything is really spread out. The residential areas are far from the party areas which are far from the sites. What this means is that there isn’t one central area to stay and be located to the sites. You’ll have to travel no matter where you go. But if you want to be closer to modern restaurants, bars and clubs I would recommend Palermo Hollywood. If you are looking for a quaint, quiet area then Recoleta is perfect for you.

Must Eats

I have to admit I wasn’t a big fan of Argentinian steak (please accept me back Argentina!). It was good, but it certainly wasn’t the best steak I’ve ever had. However, the best of the steak places that we found was Don Julios. Other great food places are listed below:

  • For Empanadas: Oliveto (Calle 25 de Mayo 621) it may seem out of the way, but you can stop there on your way to Casa Rosado. Out of all the empanadas I had in Argentina, these were by far the best. My only regret is that I didn’t find it until my last week
  • For Pizza: Guerrin (all over the city). If you go make sure you try the Fugazzeta pizza which is a delicious combination of cheese and onions!
  • For Gelato: There are three places that are popular throughout Buenos Aires. Persicco, Volta and Freddo. It’s gelatoo so try all three
  • For Drunken Food: Kentucky Pizzeria. They are on most corners and provide the perfect amount of grease to satisfy those late night cravings
Buenos Aires
Recoleta Cemetary
Buenos Aires
A Mausoleum at Recoleta Cemetery
Buenos Aires
Don’t Cry For Me Argentina – Eva Peron
Gorgeous Tree Lined Neighborhoods all around Buenos Aires
San Telmo
Buenos Aires
Follow the Rainbow Brick Road
Buenos Aires